Exhibitor History

Leonardo Magrelli
Rome, Italy Italy

The Glitch • Digital Camera Broken Sensor On the 10th of August 2015, while I was taking some pictures, the sensor of my digital camera broke down. The camera kept working, but all the colors were deeply altered, and seem to mutually change as I changed aperture and exposure. The next day the glitch was gone. It's interesting how little can be planned in a work, and how the unpredictable affects it, leaving the question: should the unexpected be part of a work? I answered myself when I kept on shooting all that day long. These photos are the result of that unique day. The colors of these pictures haven't been changed (except for a slight contrast). These photos are the result of a particular glitch in the rgb processor of a digital sensor: revolving an old well known issue, no analog camera could ever produce them. These pictures are truly rgb native, therefore their colors can only exist on a monitor.


Shadow and Light

Rio de Janeiro
Shadow and Light