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Exhibitor History

Beth Pelton
Winchester, NH USA
I fell in love with photography thirty something years ago in my high school darkroom, and continued with black and white photography classes into the early 90’s. I became more serious behind the camera after suffering a traumatic injury three years ago and started a small business, Eight Cattails Imagery. Photography is my light and helps me to put aside the chronic pain I live with. I also enjoy the challenge of trying different forms of photography. Since then, I am happy to have placed in several photo contests, including an award of excellence at the 100th Anniversary of the Mohawk Trail Photo Contest in 2015. My work has also been in marketing publications, television and on display at exhibits in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Current interests are macro, landscape with a focus on nature and New England places of interest. My goal is to become more established in freelance work for magazines and local business marketing.


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Muster Field

Dew on White Pine


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