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Exhibitor History

Wen Hang Lin
Mesa, AZ USA
Wen Hang Lin (b. Taipei, Taiwan) is a photographer based in Arizona. Wen’s work explores intersecting ideas of knowledge and contemplative studies. Expressing the philosophical observation through art and creativity is integral to his art practice. Inspired by Robert Frank’s The Americans, he moved to American Southwest and studied photography. He graduated with honors from Arizona State University, where he earned his B.F.A. Later, he received M.F.A. in photography at The Ohio State University. His works were in numerous exhibitions throughout the U.S., including Griffin Museum of Photography, Houston Center for Photography, Tucson Museum of Art, Ariz. and among others. Wen also received various awards in the United States and aboard. His works also featured in magazines in China and Malaysia.


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Personal Perspective

White in the Blue, Stretching Afar
Personal Perspective

Here Is a Riddle, Find the Answer
Honorable Mention
Personal Perspective

Creeping Quiet as the Wind


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