Exhibitor History

Ding Ren
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With a field-driven approach, Ding Ren’s practice examines cross-cultural patterns at the junction between the foreign and the familiar. Her work is informed by the experience of living in-between cultures: between China, The United States, and The Netherlands. Instead of obvious patterns, she is interested in the ones that are subtle and nuanced—traces in the topography and geography. Her analogue photographs of color, light, shadow and textural forms possess sublime qualities that conjure up feelings of both beauty and fear. These photographs are meant to show a connectedness with the immediate environment as well as express an inner personal state that stems from Ren’s interest in emotions and the human condition. By combining an intuitive way of working with analogue photographic processes, Ren’s work provides both physical and conceptual stability to an otherwise fast-paced and fleeting world.


Shadow and Light

Inverted World