Exhibitor History

Simona Nanoveanu
Bucharest, Romania

Hi! I am Simona Nanoveanu and i have been working for more than 30 years as a doctor (sports medicine). And also I am, for most of my friends, Marilena Ditrik, a photographer who discovered, some years ago, a new way of looking at the world, through the lens of a camera. I call myself a amateur street photographer and most important for me is trying to tell stories about the places all over the world (well, where I have the chance to go).The second important think is not to alter the reality, not to interfere with it, not to set up the scene. But streets without people are not alive. So wherever I walk, I am following the people, hoping I can surprise a special moment in their life, a special glance on their face, a unique scene that I can share with others. As others share their moments with me. Taking pictures and looking at pictures taken by others is now an important part of my better life! Thank you all!


In the Moment

he's so cute
In the Moment

girls will be girls

on water

follow the shadow
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