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Exhibitor History

Jody Berns
Highland Park, Illinois USA
My artistic journey is being renewed with a basis of strength. I am in a place of contentment at this point in my life. It took hard work to get here, giving up desires along the way. One joy I gave up was my art. I put it aside to accomplish other goals. I am now revisiting my love of art as I explore photography and the digital media. My journey begins with my childhood. I became a strong woman early in my life, having to stand on my own; protecting those around me, but most of all, protecting myself. I became tough. I became stoic. I savored solitude. I am striving to express this emotional strength and resilience of the human spirit in my work. This strength appears to me in several forms; the carefree freedom in childhood, the beauty in the imperfect, the display of emotion and thought when we are alone, or the statement of strength made by simplicity in form. I hope my work gives you strength of spirit in the same way it does for me.


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Manus et Pedibus

Strength in Solitude (7)


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