Exhibitor History

Nadide Goksun
Scarsdale, New York United States

The Swimmers series presents idyllic scenes of people relaxing and enjoying their time in water.The idea is rooted in my childhood remembrances of summer holidays on the Aegean seaside. All shots are made from upwards so no vista apart from a person and water surface can be seen. Such composition creates the illusion of levitation and lightness that attracts people to go swimming. On the psychological level, the element of water is often associated with life, safety, and the calmness of prenatal period and connection to the inner balance. Visual distortion of figures caused by the refraction of water gives the photographs a certain painterly effect which shifts them from a documentary photo to a very intimate artistic message. However, it doesn’t distract the viewer’s attention from the characters of the models all of whom are unique and at the same time convey a sense of ultimate openness, vulnerability and naturalness.


The Portrait

Self Portrait


Personal Perspective

Personal Perspective