Darkroom Gallery Masters

After three years of great photography exhibitions, we noticed that a handful of photographers are "regulars". We created the Darkroom Gallery Masters program to acknowledge their consistently excellent work and support of the Darkroom Gallery in our mission.

Darkroom Gallery Masters have been selected to exhibit in at least six of our juried photography exhibitions within the last three years. These photographers create works that jurors repeatedly select due to content, concept, mastery of formal photographic elements and creative approach.      

  • Darkroom Gallery Masters can submit two extra images in Darkroom Gallery exhibit for the base entry fee while they remain Current Masters;
  • Darkroom Gallery Masters Badge shows on the page that showcases their entire exhibition history at the Darkroom Gallery;
  • Beginning in March, 2017 with our BLACK & WHITE (& BLUE) exhibition Darkroom Gallery Masters will receive a free exhibition catalog and
  • Darkroom Gallery Masters may be invited to give artists talks/lectures on their work at the gallery as our educational programming schedule allows.


Current Darkroom Gallery Masters
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