To use Darkroom Gallery's print service, during the check process you'll need to upload a high-resolution file of your selected photo(s). You can also email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Write the name of the exhibition and "hi-res file" in the subject line of your email. The printer profile for Fuji Crystal Archive Luster Paper on the Fuji Frontier 590 printer can be downloaded here.

Be sure to send a file that's large enough to print your image in the size you've chosen. Usually this will be the size of the file your camera has recorded. The number of pixels in height and width in the file is more important than the pixels per inch, but we suggest a ppi of 300 for best print quality but a minimum or 150 ppi is acceptable. If the file you send isn't large enough to make a good print in the size you've chosen we'll have no choice but to print it smaller and add a border to compensate.

If you didn't pay for your prints during the check in process, we'll be sending you a PayPal invoice for the printing cost the week before the opening of the exhibition ($25 for one image, $15 for each additional print). You'll need to send payment for the invoice before we can make your print, so be sure to watch for the invoice and pay it promptly.

After the exhibit we store all prints in a portfolio that remains available for viewing at the gallery.  We will return the print to you upon request.  Domestic shipping is covered. 

Our standard framing configurations:

Configuration Frame Size (Inches) Mat Opening Size (Inches) Minimum Actual Print Paper Size (Inches)  
A 16x20 10.5x13.5 11x14 For Standard 11 x 14 Print Size
B 16x20 9.5x13.5 10x14 For Even 3" mat Borders
C 11x14 7.5x9.5 8x10 For Standard 8 x 10 Print
D 11x14 6.5x9,5 7x10 For Even 2" mat Borders
E 16x16 10.5x10.5 11x11 For Even 2.5 Inch mat Border
F 18x24 11.5x17.5 12x18 1.5 aspect ratio configuration