Have you ever submitted entries to an exhibit and, after the results are announced, wondered what the rest of the field was like? Which entries were not selected vs those that were?

Darkroom Gallery exhibits have a feature that makes this possible, for those that are willing to share their entries with other submitters, you will be able to see all entries from others in that exhibit who are also willing to share. The idea is to help submitters gain inspiration, motivation, and to reflect on your Juror's perspective. The review period is limited to the date the results are announced through the date the exhibit opens.  Once the results are announced, there is no changing your mind about participating. This is critical for maintain fairness so don't even ask.

If you are already entered into an exhibit, and checked the View and be Viewed box when you  registered, you can view the next pending exhibit entries here once entry submissions are closed and the selected work announced:  View and be Viewed

Submitter Feedback:

"I'm a huge fan of the view and be viewed feature.  Jurors often say that many outstanding images are rejected.  Only after seeing the other images did I realize how true that is.
When I am rejected, the view and be viewed feature reminds me that I'm in good company, because I always see images that I would have included, had I been the juror.  When accepted, the view and be viewed feature makes me feel humble, as I see so many rejected images that I think are outstanding, and which could have been chosen even ahead of my own.
In either case, it's a great learning experience, and I would encourage every entrant to participate."
Pete McCutchen

"View and Be Viewed is a valuable tool for assessing my work in comparison to a larger number of images from serious photographers."
Wil Scott

"I feel that viewing the photos that are not accepted is in some ways as valuable as learning the ones that are. I consider the view and be viewed option as very valuable."
Norma Woodward

"I really enjoy your 'view and be viewed' section.  The opportunity to see everything that was submitted is even better than seeing just the exhibition pieces alone.  This creates an opportunity for artists to see things through the eyes of the galleries and the jurors they come in contact with."
Missy Nuzzo

"I cherish the opportunity to see what others have submitted under submission guidelines and what the jurors or curators have accepted or rejected. It helps as an artist to compare past entries of a certain or specific criteria when submitting their own work to future open calls or creating an exhibition. It is great to have a bit of insight into the minds of what artists are creating and submitting, and what jurors or curators are looking for or actually choosing. I personally get much more out of viewing the entire process, rather than just the final end result."
Jonathan Brooks

"I really enjoyed looking at all the entries for the 'Among Trees' exhibition on the website. This must have been a tough show to judge!  Thanks for having this feature.  I always wonder what other images were submitted whether I make a show or not, so this is a lovely idea."                                    
Bonita VanWinkle

"I love this feature! Gives me an idea what people have submitted versus what you have chosen for the exhibit. I enjoyed it and find it very useful."
Markus Goerg

"This is a great idea. I really enjoyed looking at all the shared photos, and it was especially valuable that they could be enlarged. Without the enlarging feature, it would have had little value since you can't really see what's in the photos when they are small. But your presentation is excellent. Nice work, and I recommend that you continue with this feature. Thanks…"
Dick Sanders

"I liked having the ability of viewing some of the other images that were submitted.  It is insightful to what the Jury was looking for.  Thank you."
David May

"I like your View and Be Viewed feature.
It's nice to see the additional submissions. I also like the way clicking on a thumbnail leads to a much larger image that allows oneto see the detail in each photograph."
Suzan Mandla

"This is a wonderful idea!"
Val Merriman

"I think the View and be Viewed feature is a great idea. Good to see the ranges of what people are looking at and how they are photographing whatever 'it' may be."
Philip Hopper